Interesting Facts

- The Chinese invented the wheelbarrow, the suspension bridge, the parachute, the compass, matches, the propeller, the cross bow and the cannon.

- Although Kazakhstan is a landlocked country it still has its own navy.

- Uzbekistan boasts of being home to over sixty distinct cultural and linguistic groups.

- Caspian Sea is often listed as the world’s largest lake since it is the largest enclosed body of water on Earth.

- The first oil well in the world was drilled near Baku in Azerbaidjan, somewhere around the end-19th century.

- Wine in Georgia, which represents fertility, is the national asset attracting tourists from all over the world.

- Tradition in Turkey says that a stranger at one’s doorstep is considered “God’s guest” for at least three days. (Good to know in our case…)

- Greece boasts of having 7,000 (limestone) caves, which form 24,000 km of underground galleries.

- In Albania, nodding the head means no, and shaking the head means yes. (oh dear…)

- The country of Montenegro has always been a problem for cartographers simply because it was comparatively impossible to write out all the letters of its name on the small space it takes on a map!

- Bosnia & Herzegovina has been inhabited at least since Neolithic times.

- In Croatia, people can start voting at the age of 16, if they have a job, but have to wait until they turn 18, if they are unemployed.

- Slovenia is home to as many as 260 waterfalls, out of which Boka is the highest one.

- The colors of the Italian flag represent three virtues: hope (green), faith (white), and charity (red).

- French cuisine and cooking is considered to be the best in the world. The French invented the holidays, strikes, revolutions, early retirement, camembert, Sylvie Vartan and happiness. The French stand out by their modesty and their staggering beauty. (We need more interesting facts on this great country)

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