The Side by Side project gathers sino-french members. The team members’ various experiences and personalities pool together to make a solid crew with all the necessary expertise to make such a project successful. While the average age of team members is 28-years old, most of the crew have done long distance trips before by motorbike and have been practicing for this expedition for the past two years

Valeriane Barjhoux

Originally from Burgundy (France), Valeriane , 25, arrived in Beijing in 2007 after receiving her Bachelor in Chinese studies. Recently graduated with honors from a Master in Business Intelligence, Valeriane is a Project Manager in digital marketing in Shanghai. Contaminated by Thomas’ passion for sidecars, she drives her own Ferrari red sidecar and clearly stands out in this male environment. Genuine traveler, she often says her favorite place on earth is the next one. She is curious of everything and super organized; she is our secret weapon in this project, she is the brain of it all.

Thomas Chabrieres

Born in Aix en Provence (France) 31 years ago, Thomas arrived in China in 1999. Raised with stories of his father, grand father and great grand father’s adventures in Asia, Thomas has always been fascinated by China’s mysteries. He left his expat job in advertising to become a tour guide as he likes to say. He founded the Sideways group four years ago with his friend Gael Thoreau which organizes tours in Beijing, Shanghai and in remote areas of China. Thomas enjoys life as much as one can, he is a good communicator and a PR guru; big fan of his 7 sidecar motorbikes, he is in charge of looking for our media and financial partners for this adventure: he is our PR expert.

Kewen Wu

Kewen, born in Shanghai (China) 31 years ago, moved to Belgium at the age of 22 to study and start his career as a consultant in marketing. He moved back to Shanghai 6 years later and is one of those few people globally who understand both Chinese and Belgium humor. Kewen quit his job as a salesperson in a maritime company in 2009 to join Thomas and start Sideways Escape, which organizes road trips by sidecar motorbike in the most remote areas of China. He’s the best at finding roads that don’t exist and is happy as ever when the toughest roads are chosen. Kewen is the guy that any group needs in difficult moments: he is our human GPS.

Friends on the side

After several years in Shanghai, they finally decided to return to Europe. A sidecar trip to their new home will be their own way to say goodbye to China.

Constance de Regloix

Constance, 28, was born and raised in Lyon. In 2003, her communication degree in hand, she decides to follow her husband François in China. She worked as an Account Manager in a large French company in Shanghai. Filled with emotions and passions, Constance enjoys traveling in China in the basin of François’ sidecar. She loves photography and always make people smiling in front of her lens. She is our good mood guarantee.

François de Regloix


François, 31, was born in Strasbourg. His father was a military, he spent his childhood traveling through France. 7 years ago, he decided to move to Shanghai with his wife Constance. François works in the textile industry as a sourcing coordinator. He spends his free time polishing his sidecar and exploring the area around Shanghai. His motto is “Ride with style”, he is the stylist of our expedition.

Gernot Schulz

Gernot, 36, was born in Mozart’s hometown: Salzburg (Austria). He took up the China challenge in 2006 to work in the automotive industry. During his time in China, he travelled a lot through Asia, climbing the highest peak of SE-Asia Mt Kinabalu as well Mt Fuji, fitting the cliche that autrians always need to climb stuff. This was also the time where his passion for photography started. He will join the group in Urumuqi (China’s Western Capital) after having traveled througout Tibet by himself to climb a few more mountains. He is the sportsman of the expedition.

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